Photoshop Guide to Working with Images

There are a lot of different and wonderful things that an individual can do with Photoshop. However, it sometimes can become confusing because of all its features. The best way to master Photoshop is to take it a step at a time. Once a user learns the platform it is easier for them to get down to work with an image.

Image resolution

A common task is to change the resolution of an image. What this does is changes the number of pixels that are going to be used per inch during the printing of an image. Sometimes users will perform this task to make the image sharper in its colours. It is good for those images that have dull areas.

Positioning an Image

It is not uncommon for users to want to remove portions of their image. They may want to perform tasks such as straightening an object. Or they may want to just focus and print one specific area of the image. This is done by cropping it.


Images are comprised of layers. These can be the images then objects added to the image or text that is being added to the picture. They are a powerful tool that can transform a plain image into something amazing. But for them to be effective and to remain stationery, the user must know how to use the layers panel. Part of learning to work with the layers in the proper manner means having to learn how to resize them.

To get the best results when working with images it means really learning each segment of Photoshop. Taking the time to learn it properly allows one to transition into the next segment with very few problems. Before long the user of Photoshop becomes quite comfortable with using the software, and is able t get amazing results from it.