Photoshop Guide For Learning the Basics

At first, for many they find Photoshop to be overwhelming. It is because it is such a powerful form of software. The user can do amazing tasks with this software. They can create and alter images. Or they can create illustrations. To get past the concern of how advanced it is, it takes understanding the basics.

Learning the Work Area

To capitalize on what Photoshop must offer the first step is becoming familiar with the work area. It is comprised of different components. One of these is the menu bar which is at the top of the Photoshop screen. Here one can access the files they want to open. They can go to the edit function, and use many of the commands that are available here. Then just below the menu bar is the options bar. This will give the specific options that apply to each tool that is being used now.

Leering the Tool Functions

It is impossible to work with Photoshop without an understanding of the basic tools and functions it has to offer as well as the ability to use them. The options bar outlines their capabilities.

Colors, Layering and Properties

Learning this section of Photoshop is one of the beginner basics. It allows the users to layer their images. Plus, it allows them to work with colour. Then the properties for each segment of the image can be found here.

Basic Functions

Once the user learns how to navigate through Photoshop, and understands the tools they can start focusing on specific components. These will include starting to learn how to zoom and pan. This is important so the user can focus in on specific areas of their image.

Taking a Step Back

Many photoshop users, especially beginners fear making any mistakes. They are worried that they are going to ruin the image they are working on. One of the great abilities with this software is to be able to undo an action. In fact, they can undo several steps. This will take them back to the area where they made their mistake.