Photoshop 101: Understanding the Tools

Photoshop Guide for The Tools Panel

Tools are the first step on your Photoshop journey. Understanding the basic tools and functions of the software will help you to use the software efficiently and achieve the result that you are hoping and aiming for.

Tools for Selecting Objects, Cropping and Measuring

These are the tools that allow for specific actions to be taken when working with the software. They include the ‘move’ tool for moving objects about in each frame. Then the selection can be specific with the marquee tool. When wants to move sections by freehand they can use the Lasso Tool. Or another option is to use the quick selection tool. To use this, it is just a matter of painting the selection.

The crop icon in the tools section will give the user the ability to crop their image. The eyedropper is beneficial for gathering samples of pixels.

Paint Tools

One of the most common actions carried out in Photoshop is the paint tasks and the retouching of the images. Flaws in the images can be removed with the spot healer. The brush is used for painting foregrounds. An image sample can be created with the clone stamp. A snapshot can be selected then painted with the history brush. Making a mistake in Photoshop is not a problem as it can be corrected with the eraser. Other tasks can be completed with the gradient, blue and dodge, all of which will alter the original image.

Tools for Drawing

Many Photoshop users need to perform some drawing tasks. The tools for this are the pen, path selection, the horizontal type and the rectangle.


Moving around an image is easy when one uses the hand or zoom tools.

This is a basic guide as to what tools are available in Photoshop.