8 DJ tips for a successful mix and set the mood

Music in a party is crucial for the atmosphere. Do you have a mixer (or want to have one) to mix and host parties? We met DJ Spawn, on the decks for 10 years, who gave us his advice for a successful mix. It’s your turn!

1: Choose your music

The choice of music is made according to the audience that will be present during the evening. For example, if I host a party with my uncle who is in his forties, my grandfather who is in his 60s and my little sister who is in her 12s, I will not have the same music only if I mix for my friends who are between 18 and 25 years old.

The first rule is to choose music that will please the audience. So you need to know your music library well and know which songs go together.

2: Opt for the extended versions

Prefer the “extended” versions than the “radio” versions of your music to have an intro and an exit. This will allow you to mix more easily and have more effects.

To find out the trending titles, search the Internet for playlists of radio stations, DJs or nightclubs, this is the best barometer!

3: Test your sequences

A mix is ​​going from a song A to B thanks to a transition that is as pleasant as possible for the audience.

Before the big day, try out small combinations of 3-4 pieces of different types at home: funk, house, rock …

We can, within a series, have different styles (eg: modern and old) but we must keep consistency .

4: But do not prepare your entire mix

Pro tip: don’t make a ready-made mix ahead of time. You risk ending up with nothing if your selection does not grab the public. Rather, classify your music by styles and then juggle them according to the impact on your audience

5: The trick to avoid lags

To avoid having a gap between your songs when you start in the mix, you must use the “Sync” function. Logic Pro X by Apple is an amazing software to avoid lags and you can make a good combination of music. It automatically synchronizes the rhythm of the two songs to avoid any false notes.

Download logic X pro: https://lisanilssonart.com/download-logic-pro-x-for-windows/

6: Test the atmosphere

To get the evening off to a good start and feel the ambiance, play different sets of music for 15 minutes and adapt to the one the audience prefers.

7: Follow your audience

The mix is ​​continual improvisation. Throughout the evening you must therefore be attentive to your audience: observe the impact of each mix (way of dancing, reaction according to age …), and adapt.

Plan to have peaks and quieter times. You should also not leave too quickly otherwise you will not keep your audience in top form for 4 hours. You have to be in the evening to feel when to speed up or slow down.

8: Dare to mix things up

What is a hit in clubs is the “Mashup. It is about taking two titles of different styles or from different eras and mixing them. You can mix styles of music like Hip-Hop and electronics, or mix Adele with David Guetta.

Either way, have fun and enjoy mixing!