7 Best iOS Emulators For PC (Windows And Mac) To Run iOS Apps on Computer

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An iOS emulator is a type of software which enables the users to install iOS apps on their Windows PC. If you are an app developer, then you can test out your app for free on your PC. It allows you to focus on developing your app rather than worrying about buying an iOS device for testing your apps. A casual user can have many uses of iOS emulators. He can run iOS apps and play iOS-based games on his Windows PC. There are a lot of iOS emulators available online. But the most crucial aspect is that not every emulator is good enough to serve all your purpose.

Benefits of using an iOS emulator:

  1. Enhanced gaming experience: The function of iOS emulators is to give a boost to the gaming experience of the gamers. They increase the graphics of the games to manifolds. Also, they prevent any kind of glitches and lags in your games.
  2. Testing of apps: App developers can test out their iOS apps on their PC before submission for getting published. It is possible to test cross-platform apps on your Windows PC with the help of an iOS emulator.
  3. Running iOS apps on PC: You need not have an iOS device to use the iOS apps. You can be a part of the iOS ecosystem by downloading an iOS emulator and check multiple features and facilities of these apps.
  4. Cost-effectiveness:  iOS emulators come for an affordable cost. If you compare, the cost of using an iOS device is much higher than the cost of using an iOS emulator. Thus you can enjoy the benefit of an iOS device without paying that much money.

If you want to download an iOS emulator for your Windows or Mac PC, then have a look at our top 5 picks. You can choose any one of them:


Professional developers love to use this emulator when it comes to testing their iOS apps on the Windows PC. This app helps the developers to test out cross-platform apps on Windows PC. Also, it is possible to run ios apps on the PC using this emulator. It is a highly compatible emulator. It supports accessing logs, recording sessions and device localisation and so on. It is not a free emulator. It comes for a cost of around $99.

Xamarin TestFlight:

It is one of the most popular iOS emulators for Windows PC. It has no bugs at all. Apple itself has brought a whole new range of features to this iOS emulator. But it is a developer-oriented iOS emulator. It is suitable for testing cross-platform apps and websites on the iOS ecosystem. This one too is a paid emulator. It is not a very simple emulator to use. But with time, you will definitely fall for it. The emulator is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above. It is the official app from Apple. It will give maximum benefits when you choose to test apps of iOS 8.0 and above.

MobiOne Studios:

This emulator helps you in enabling status notifications of iOS on your Windows PC. This unique feature makes this iOS emulator quite popular. It is capable of running on almost any device. It is definitely not a resource-hungry iOS emulator. This emulator serves best when used to play games. It enhances gaming experiences and offers a great user experience. Cross-platform apps can also be testes using this iOS emulator but to a limited extent.


Initially this emulator was launched for Windows PC. But looking at its immense success and popularity, the developers developed it for Mac PC as well. Its loading time is quite less. It offers a seven day trial period to the users. In case you have any doubts regarding the usage and functionality of the emulator, you can take the free trial of 7 days. It has some of the great features that will help you perform different functions efficiently. 


It is a browser-based iOS emulator. Ripple is specially designed for testing of the HTML 5 applications. It is capable of integrating with other tools, such as running automated test scripts and debugging. It has a minimal learning curve. It is very easy to use. Anyone can get accustomed to using this emulator quite easily. Ripple is just the perfect iOS emulator meant for testing websites related to iOS devices.

Hope you find this list of iOS emulators useful. You can download any one among them and explore the world of iOS on your PC.

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