5 New iOS Games in 2020

There are several iOS games available. Gamers all across the world love to play different types of games. Some are inclined towards iOS games, while rest prefer to play Android games. Well, this war is not going to end soon. Till then the gamers can enjoy playing games of their choice.

Because of ongoing pandemic COVID-19, the entire world is forced to go to self-quarantine. There is no vaccination for this disease, except to stay inside and break the chain of community spread. People are feeling safely locked inside their homes.

Gamers are quite happy with this phase. They are able to focus on the games and hone up their skills while sitting at homes. Popular games are seeing so much engagement of gamers. Lots of games are going to be launched, seeing the immense popularity.

Fans are eagerly waiting for these games to be launched. We have curated a list of some of the best games that can create a sensation in the gaming world. Let’s have a look at them:

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

This iOS game is an addition to the legendary game The Elder Series. The developers were keen on recreating the same experiences in smartphones. It is based on a free-to-play model. American company Bethesda came up with this new is game.

It is an FPP game and based on classic role-playing. You can control your character by using the touchscreen interface. Tapping on the screen allows you to change direction, and swiping allows you to cast spells and attack with weapons. It has high-quality visuals as well as great audio. Gamers are gushing in excitement for the arrival of this game. This game is meant for premium tablets and smartphones. With time you will gain experience and use this experience to build up your character. The protagonist of the game is a secret agent. He belongs to the group of elite guards called Blades. You get to fight in an arena. Also, you will explore several locations and caves. You will need to complete several quests. The supplies that you gather helps you to build up your city. This city serves as your boot camp.

Forza Street

This one is for all the race lovers. It is based on illegal racing competitions carried out on the streets. As you keep on playing, you will get to use better cars and high tech equipment. This game, too, is based on a free to play model. British Studio Electric Square has developed this amazing ios racing game.

The game is based on illegal racing of sports cars on the streets of Miami. You can participate in several demanding and high-level racing competitions. The developers have acquired the license from some of the largest car manufacturers across the globe. Hence, all the models and equipment look authentic.

As you keep on competing and winning games, new cars and their parts keep on unlocking. The game allows you to participate in short races as well as races that take hours to get completed. Also, a story mode is there that narrates the story of an ambitious driver who wants to reach the pinnacle of success in the underworld of Miami.

The graphics are awesome. It has three-dimensional visuals. The visuals are extremely catchy.

Minecraft Earth

This is a mobile spin-off game and comprises of the key mechanics according to the original gameplay. The aim of the game is to bring the action into the real world using augmented reality technology. Microsoft has produced this game. In May 2019, the title of the game had been announced. It is based on a free-to-play model. It utilizes the processing power of Azure servers.

This game is basically the adaptation of the classic Minecraft. It offers an outstanding experience of crafting, equipment, supply collection, fighting, and interacting with the gaming world. The game utilizes the camera on our phone. The major attraction of this game is the construction mode. The game allows users to take long walks in open ambiance. There will be random containers with supplies for the construction of our boot camp. You can also catch fish in water reservoirs. The best part is that real-time players can see each other as well as participate in the interaction. Together, they can fight a specific creature or share a healing potion, and so on.

Fallout Shelter Online –Warhammer Odyssey

This is the online version of the popular game Fallout shelter. The gameplay mechanics are similar to the original game. It allows for multiplayer participation. Shengku Games has come up with this fulfilled and adventurous game. While playing the game, you have to play the role of a supervisor. You are in charge of one of the crypts belonging to the Vault-Tec Corporation. The supervisor needs to expand the complex of the shelter as well as provide protection to the residents of the shelter.

The aim of the player is to protect the morale of the crypt inhabitants as well as expand the shelter. As a player, you will get access to different sections such as water, food, sleep, electricity, and so on. You will get access to these places in return for virtual currency. Those who love simple cartoon graphics will definitely love this game.