5 Best Live Streaming Software for Twitch/YouTube/Facebook

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The latest trend that has caught everyone’s attention in social media is live streaming. Users tend to go live while eating out in their favorite eateries, or playing online games like PUBG, or even while visiting a beautiful place. This feature is used for commercial purposes as well.

Bloggers can monetize these broadcasts effectively. Companies can reach out to their target customers by promoting their products while going live. You tubers, too, can reap the benefits of the feature.

If you, too, want to enjoy the feature of live streaming and be a part of the trend, then have a look at the below-given list of top live-streaming apps. We have come up with this list so that can let go off your confusion and simply choose one according to your needs and taste.


This is one of the best live streaming apps for Android users. If you are a gamer and want to show off your skills to the world, then you can opt for this app without a second thought. Also, this app will help you garner lots of praises and followers as you will go live while playing hardcore games with prolific skills.

Twitch enables users to live stream while gaming. It also allows the users to have a chat with the viewers or any other live streamer. This increases the sense of connection. Your fans and followers will feel connected to you. The live videos that you can make using Twitch are worth watching.

You can monetize the broadcasts and earn through them. Slowly, you will be able to build your own personal community using the app. Also, the app allows you to –lay games and get paid on return. It allows you to put together interactive live shows. The navigation system is extremely simple and instinctive.

GO Live

This live streaming app can make you a celebrity overnight. If you have that quality in you, this app will definitely enable you to make a career in broadcasting. It is one of the top-rated live streaming apps for Android users. You will be able to meet new people and share your stories and ideas with them. This app lets you broadcast and live stream very easily and conveniently. You can flaunt your potentials by using the app perfectly.

It lets you connect with people in real-time. You can talk with them, play games and much more. You can send virtual gifts to your favorite streamers too.


This is the live-streaming app owned by Twitter. Live streamers are crazy after this app. This app is meant for Android users. It allows you to find trending topics for live streaming.

As you go live and broadcast your content, you can share the link to other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook using this app. Also, this live streaming app is absolutely free of cost and convenient to use. You can use the web-based interface of Periscope too.

The app allows you to get the highlights of live streaming. You can get detailed statistics of your live viewers, replay viewers, total time watched, and much more insights.

VK Live

This live streaming app is based on the VK app. It is a live streaming app where you can present yourself and your ideas. You can let the world know about yourself. You can showcase your talent.

Be it your culinary skills, or gaming skills, or some kind of art, you can broadcast everything using this amazing live streaming app. If you are a passionate globe trotter, you can use this app and monetize your passion.

It allows several tools that make the communication system all the more attractive.

This app, too, allows you to send gifts to your favorite streamers. You can gain votes in the form of virtual gifts that your followers end to you while you go live. Also, you can watch live streams of your favorite streamers and friends as well.


This is perhaps the best live streaming apps for iOS users. It has a very simple user interface. The app is fun-filled and convenient to use. The app allows you to share the moments of your life on the go. You can share whatever is going around you in real-time.

The live streaming app allows you to monetize the content. Also, you get easy access to worldwide live streaming videos.

You can take ideas from these videos. The sharing of live streaming videos is extremely convenient. Also, you will be notified when any of your friend or favorite live streamer goes live.

This article covers the much-needed details about some of the most popular and useful live-streaming apps. You can download any one of them and start broadcasting whatever content you feel like.

Just make sure that your content is not illegal or does not offend someone’s sentiments. Shoot responsible and make your content knowledgeable as well as entertaining. Soon you will gain popularity if you do it the right way using the right app.