Joomla Login Security

Joomla is the second most popular CMS platform used for websites, but also the second most vulnerable to online security threats and hackers. While these reasons can’t be finalized, most Joomla installations are left vulnerable due to bad hosting, misconfiguration issues, or improper code leaving vulnerabilities through third-party extensions. 

Joomla Login Security

Therefore, to protect your site and content, here’s a couple of steps you can follow, to increase aspects like Joomla login security, among others. We advise you to use the Joomla firewall for the proper security. You can get one from here:

  1. Using strong login details

Strong credentials remain ever Joomla user’s first and final security resort. Most individuals leave it at the default ‘admin’ username and password. So, make sure to implement a strong password – with alphanumeric characters, special symbols and capital letters – that isn’t commonly used so that automated bots aren’t able to find them easily. If the issue of remembering such passwords remains, you can always utilize the services of a password manager. 

  1. Protect your administrator login

For further protection, you can place a password in the admin login area – this can be done manually by creating the ‘.htaccess’ file under the administrator directory; more details are given in the Joomla documentation.

  1. Use a web application firewall

A web application firewall has the purpose of acting as a filter and monitoring for HTTP applications. You can either install one on the server yourself or use one among the cloud-based solutions. The benefits of using WAF include protection from brute force attacks, backdoor and DDoS protection, spambot protection, code injections like SQL, etc. 

  1. Installing SSL certificate

SSL certification is crucial to protecting the communication and exchange of information between your site visitors and the website itself. For this, you need to encrypt this using SSL. While it is most essential to those with eCommerce sites and ones that use payment gateways, using an SSL certificate and running on HTTPS increases the site’s overall security by providing maximum protection to your username and password, as well as the credentials of all those who use the platform. Otherwise, the dangerous alternative means that these important login details are sent as simple text over the internet, leaving them open and vulnerable to online hackers for misuse.

Obtaining and installing SSL certification has now become easier and free as well. After the installation process, you can also test the configuration and improve the SSL configuration also.

  1. Update Joomla and its extensions. 

Regular updates to the Joomla site and all its extensions are the most important part of maintaining security. Most updates released on the Joomla open-source platform contain the respective security fixes to the site, so make it a point to never skip these. Joomla also has an inbuilt checker for the latest versions released as updates, providing notifications respectively of any new releases on the extensions. 

But before you update, always make sure to form a back-up in a secure location, preferably offsite (like your computer’s hard drive). 

  1. Increase the security level of the PHP configuration

Joomla uses the PHP language, so for increasing security, you can change a couple of PHP directives in the php.ini file. 

For example, ‘expose_php’ hides the PHP version to the response headers so that attackers are not aware of all the loopholes or vulnerabilities hidden in the older version. ‘Open_basedir’ dictates the PHP to whitelist the given directories, so it prevents hackers from accessing other parts of the file system, potentially planting backdoors (here, you need to make sure to include all the directories that PHP has access to, including the temporary file upload directory and the storage location of all your sessions).

  1. Restrict the file and directory permissions

Incorrect file permissions can be the root of most problems on Joomla – always make sure to grant ‘write’ access only to the files and directories that absolutely need it, such as the upload and cache directories. Lock-down everything else after the required list of extensions and templates is installed. 

Under Joomla, the permissions look like this – directories should be set to 0755 (written in only by owners while others can read and execute them), files for 0644 (owner can write, others can only read), PHP set to 0444 (nobody can write). 

Avoid 777 permissions as much as possible because it opens your files for viewing and modifications by anyone, especially necessary if you are using shared hosting. 

  1. Don’t install too many extensions

Try to test the extensions and in a staging or local environment to ensure their stability; also make sure to uninstall all extensions if they are not being used. This is because more code will only compromise your situation if there are loopholes or vulnerabilities that hackers can manipulate. 

All of these are steps that can be regularly followed and adhered to for ensuring the security of your Joomla platform – they only cover the basic instructions and further customizations should be done in accordance with your Joomla requirements. read more

8 DJ tips for a successful mix and set the mood

Music in a party is crucial for the atmosphere. Do you have a mixer (or want to have one) to mix and host parties? We met DJ Spawn, on the decks for 10 years, who gave us his advice for a successful mix. It’s your turn!

1: Choose your music

The choice of music is made according to the audience that will be present during the evening. For example, if I host a party with my uncle who is in his forties, my grandfather who is in his 60s and my little sister who is in her 12s, I will not have the same music only if I mix for my friends who are between 18 and 25 years old.

The first rule is to choose music that will please the audience. So you need to know your music library well and know which songs go together.

2: Opt for the extended versions

Prefer the “extended” versions than the “radio” versions of your music to have an intro and an exit. This will allow you to mix more easily and have more effects.

To find out the trending titles, search the Internet for playlists of radio stations, DJs or nightclubs, this is the best barometer!

3: Test your sequences

A mix is ​​going from a song A to B thanks to a transition that is as pleasant as possible for the audience.

Before the big day, try out small combinations of 3-4 pieces of different types at home: funk, house, rock …

We can, within a series, have different styles (eg: modern and old) but we must keep consistency .

4: But do not prepare your entire mix

Pro tip: don’t make a ready-made mix ahead of time. You risk ending up with nothing if your selection does not grab the public. Rather, classify your music by styles and then juggle them according to the impact on your audience

5: The trick to avoid lags

To avoid having a gap between your songs when you start in the mix, you must use the “Sync” function. Logic Pro X by Apple is an amazing software to avoid lags and you can make a good combination of music. It automatically synchronizes the rhythm of the two songs to avoid any false notes.

Download logic X pro:

6: Test the atmosphere

To get the evening off to a good start and feel the ambiance, play different sets of music for 15 minutes and adapt to the one the audience prefers.

7: Follow your audience

The mix is ​​continual improvisation. Throughout the evening you must therefore be attentive to your audience: observe the impact of each mix (way of dancing, reaction according to age …), and adapt.

Plan to have peaks and quieter times. You should also not leave too quickly otherwise you will not keep your audience in top form for 4 hours. You have to be in the evening to feel when to speed up or slow down.

8: Dare to mix things up

What is a hit in clubs is the “Mashup. It is about taking two titles of different styles or from different eras and mixing them. You can mix styles of music like Hip-Hop and electronics, or mix Adele with David Guetta.

Either way, have fun and enjoy mixing!

7 Best iOS Emulators For PC (Windows And Mac) To Run iOS Apps on Computer

written iOS in the logo

An iOS emulator is a type of software which enables the users to install iOS apps on their Windows PC. If you are an app developer, then you can test out your app for free on your PC. It allows you to focus on developing your app rather than worrying about buying an iOS device for testing your apps. A casual user can have many uses of iOS emulators. He can run iOS apps and play iOS-based games on his Windows PC. There are a lot of iOS emulators available online. But the most crucial aspect is that not every emulator is good enough to serve all your purpose.

Benefits of using an iOS emulator:

  1. Enhanced gaming experience: The function of iOS emulators is to give a boost to the gaming experience of the gamers. They increase the graphics of the games to manifolds. Also, they prevent any kind of glitches and lags in your games.
  2. Testing of apps: App developers can test out their iOS apps on their PC before submission for getting published. It is possible to test cross-platform apps on your Windows PC with the help of an iOS emulator.
  3. Running iOS apps on PC: You need not have an iOS device to use the iOS apps. You can be a part of the iOS ecosystem by downloading an iOS emulator and check multiple features and facilities of these apps.
  4. Cost-effectiveness:  iOS emulators come for an affordable cost. If you compare, the cost of using an iOS device is much higher than the cost of using an iOS emulator. Thus you can enjoy the benefit of an iOS device without paying that much money.

If you want to download an iOS emulator for your Windows or Mac PC, then have a look at our top 5 picks. You can choose any one of them:


Professional developers love to use this emulator when it comes to testing their iOS apps on the Windows PC. This app helps the developers to test out cross-platform apps on Windows PC. Also, it is possible to run ios apps on the PC using this emulator. It is a highly compatible emulator. It supports accessing logs, recording sessions and device localisation and so on. It is not a free emulator. It comes for a cost of around $99.

Xamarin TestFlight:

It is one of the most popular iOS emulators for Windows PC. It has no bugs at all. Apple itself has brought a whole new range of features to this iOS emulator. But it is a developer-oriented iOS emulator. It is suitable for testing cross-platform apps and websites on the iOS ecosystem. This one too is a paid emulator. It is not a very simple emulator to use. But with time, you will definitely fall for it. The emulator is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above. It is the official app from Apple. It will give maximum benefits when you choose to test apps of iOS 8.0 and above.

MobiOne Studios:

This emulator helps you in enabling status notifications of iOS on your Windows PC. This unique feature makes this iOS emulator quite popular. It is capable of running on almost any device. It is definitely not a resource-hungry iOS emulator. This emulator serves best when used to play games. It enhances gaming experiences and offers a great user experience. Cross-platform apps can also be testes using this iOS emulator but to a limited extent.

Initially this emulator was launched for Windows PC. But looking at its immense success and popularity, the developers developed it for Mac PC as well. Its loading time is quite less. It offers a seven day trial period to the users. In case you have any doubts regarding the usage and functionality of the emulator, you can take the free trial of 7 days. It has some of the great features that will help you perform different functions efficiently. 


It is a browser-based iOS emulator. Ripple is specially designed for testing of the HTML 5 applications. It is capable of integrating with other tools, such as running automated test scripts and debugging. It has a minimal learning curve. It is very easy to use. Anyone can get accustomed to using this emulator quite easily. Ripple is just the perfect iOS emulator meant for testing websites related to iOS devices.

Hope you find this list of iOS emulators useful. You can download any one among them and explore the world of iOS on your PC.

If you are looking to run Garageband on windows. Check out this detailed step by step guide on how to run garageband on your windows

5 best upcoming Android games — action, racing and strategy

Playing Game on Android Phone

With nowhere to go, no mountains to explore, no pubs to hang out with friends, nothing to do at all, our lives have come to a sudden standstill owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost all the countries are suffering because of the Corona Virus, and the respective governments are trying their best to keep people under lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.

In such a gloomy time, everyone is trying to keep themselves doing whatever they feel like. Some people are cooking up delicacies and experimenting with their culinary skills.

While others are sweating it out to keep fit. And the gamers are enjoying a lot as they are getting ample time to play games and focus on honing up their gaming skills and rankings. Because of this quarantine phase, more and more people are increasingly spending their time playing addictive games.

There are several android games that keep people glued to the screen of their tablets and smartphones. People even prefer to download Android emulators in order to experience the Android games on the larger screen of their Windows or Mac PC.

We have curated some of the highest trending Android games that people are going crazy after. You can try playing these games as you get bored during this lockdown phase. Here we go!

Another Eden

This is a highly engaging mobile JRPG game. It shares its writer and composer with that of Chrono Trigger. The game allows you to participate in time travel to various eras of history. You will also get the glimpses of Chrono Trigger. It is ahead of standard mobile RPG.

You get to roam around the world with your partners. There are many simplified battle mechanics as well as Gacha elements. You can play as long as you want because there is no issue of energy or the limited number of lives. This has taken the gaming world with storms since the tear 2019.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt franchise is well known for its mobile games. Gamers already have welcomed Asphalt Extreme and Asphalt 8 Airborne with lots of enthusiasm. Asphalt 9 is the latest game in the series. There are 50 cars involved. You have to face lots of challenges.

The content of the game is quite interesting. You get the option of online multiplayer, single-player stuff, and much more. The game uses an auto-go mechanism, and therefore, you cannot control your acceleration. Some players are a bit disappointed with this. The graphics are very attractive. The solo player can enjoy good arcade racing. There are in-app purchases available. The game is free to play. You can download it from

Brawl Stars

This game is free to play. It allows online multiplayer. MOBA elements are also there. Players get to play with their companions. They participate in brawls and try to win.

A number of modes are there, such as brawl mode, heist mode, and bounty modes. The bounty mode allows you to beat specific opponents. The heist mode allows you to steal the opponent’s treasure, and the brawl mode is the one where you collect crystals.

Alto’s Odyssey

It is a nature-themed Android game. The mechanics are extremely simple. The graphics are gorgeous and breath-taking. As a player, you need to ski down the hill. You have to avoid obstacles by making massive jumps. You will also get various items to collect and can trade these items later on for several customization options.

The graphics are stunningly beautiful. The game is extremely simple. The sound is extremely soothing to the ears. The ambiance, the natural beauty, the effects of rainfall, and the start-studded sky. You can download it for absolutely free. In-app purchases are available. But these are not compulsory. This game is fun-filled.

Call of Duty

This game is one of the latest addition in the trending Android games. It is extremely popular among gamers. It comprises of classic online FPS PvP. It allows 100 players to play together. Some in-app purchases are also there. The gameplay is stunningly good. There are certain bugs, but these will be rectified with regular updates.

If you want to while your time by playing Android games, then you can download any of these. Trust us! You will not feel bored even for a single second.

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5 New iOS Games in 2020

How to maintain your safety using VPN, Proxy Servers and Seedboxes

Downloading content over the internet is a very common phenomenon nowadays. We tend to download software, apps, videos, music, games, documents, and so on in our PCs and smartphones.

Downloading things have become a source of entertainment as well as knowledge. It has become part and parcel of our work life as well.

Although it is an extremely common phenomenon, yet there are many risks associated with it. You may not even be aware of the viruses that you are allowing to enter your devices.

Adware, too, can get installed inadvertently in your desktop while downloading games and videos. You may keep on getting unwanted pop-ups and notifications that will interrupt the functioning of the device.

Not only this. Hackers can reach out to your personal details and manipulate them to meet their needs and greed. Also, you may have to face the risk of identity theft.

An Image with text written on it

There are chances that the content you have downloaded is an offensive material in disguise. There is even the risk of copyright breach issues.

How to maintain safety while downloading online content?

It is significant to maintain your privacy and arrange for your safety while downloading videos, apps, and other content from the internet. We have come up with certain tips and tricks that you can use to keep yourself safe from cybercriminals and malware. Have a look at the below-given list:


It is one of the most effective tools for maintaining security and privacy on the internet. The full form of VPN is a virtual private network. The function of a VPN is to create a safe as well as an encrypted connection over less secure networks, such as public Wi-Fi. It encrypts and decrypts the data you exchange. The network addresses also get an added layer of security and protection. VPN usage is possible only when a security token or password is given to him by the service provider. Data transmissions thus remain safe. You can perform any online activity such as browsing and downloading. But your personal data will remain safe. It acts as a shield to your browsing activities from the prying eyes of hackers.

There are different types of VPNs, such as mobile VPN, site to site VPN, hardware VPN, and VPN appliance, and so on.

Some of the VPNs that you can use are:

  • Nord VPN
  • Cyberghost
  • Private internet access


Seedboxes ensure your complete safety and privacy. Seedbox help in preventing data hacking or data breaching.  It does so by hiding your IP address. The hacker will not be able to recognize the IP address, and thus your personal data will remain safe.

Basically, these are this is a type of remote server host that helps in safe uploading and downloading of digital files. It enables you to download the files anonymously. Seedboxes have several features like open VPN, remote desktop, automation tools, and so on.

It helps you to hide your browsing activities from the outside world. No one else except you have access to the files.

Some of the high-speed seedboxes that you can use are:

  • Dedi seedbox
  • Super seedbox
  • Evo seedbox


This is basically a server that acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet. Different types of proxies are there, for instance, forward proxies, reverse proxies, and open proxies. It helps in making your IP address invisible. The website that you are logging in to, or any hacker, will not be able to reach to your IP address. Rather, they will get to see the IP address of the proxy server. Thus you remain anonymous while browsing online and downloading contents from the internet. Your IP address has the ability to share a lot of your personal details such as the country you belong to, your zip code, street name ISP and so on. Therefore, if you want to maintain safety during downloading content, never forget to use a proxy server.

Here are some of the best proxy servers that can serve your purpose:

  • Hidester
  • Kproxy

While enjoying the cyber world and downloading any content from the internet, remember to take precautions by using the above-mentioned suggestions and tips.

5 Must Have Gaming Tools For PC

written Fortnite on Computer Screen

If you are an avid gamer and have a robust gaming PC, then you must be on a lookout for some of the best gaming software. These software help in making the most out of your gaming PC. They will improve the graphics, enhance the video as well as audio quality, speed up your games as well as prevent any kind of lagging.

There is an umpteen number of gaming software available. But not all are equally effective. Some cater to only specific situations. So you need to be very mindful while downloading and installing gaming software for your games.

We have done some extensive research work and curated some of the best gaming software that you can use effectively to improve your gaming experience. Let’s have a look at all of them:

Razer Cortex:

This is a highly effective gaming software for your PC. It comes free of cost. It is capable of killing background applications and thereby free up more resources for RAM. It makes the gaming experience smooth and hassle-free. It has the feature of an auto boost. You need not do anything. It will handle the boosting process all by itself. The software can maximize your gaming performance as well as the quality of gaming by enabling the core of CPU. You will get a detailed report about your game analytics. This is indeed a flawless gaming booster for all the gamers out of there.

MSI Afterburner:

This software powers up NVidia and AMD card proprietors. It is the best software to open the inward capability of your GPU. It helps in opening up the voltage settings of your picked bit of equipment and enables you to enhance its general execution. Its clock speed and video memory are commendably good. But the thing to keep in mind is that this software will heat up your device, and it is necessary to use the cooling unit of the gaming PC effectively.


This software proprietors deliver the PC owners a sort of secure and safe biological community. It is well connected with closed box supports. It is compatible for free to play games, triple-A titles, economic independents, and many more. Also, it has the feature of Big Picture mode. So that you can lay back cozily on your couch and have a blast while playing the games.


This software allows you to communicate effectively while playing online games. You can communicate with your teammates seamlessly without any interruption. Without proper communication, a gamer cannot succeed in multiplayer games. So if you love to play games like PUBG and Call of Duty, Discord is a must-have software. It is absolutely free.

Streamlabs OBS:

If you love to show off your gaming skills, then you must be looking for a software to record your gameplay. OBS Studio will do just right that but with lots of effectiveness. This software supports desktop recording along with granular control over the settings. Also, it allows you to live-stream your gameplay. So rather than recording your gameplay and uploading it on your YouTube channel, you can straightaway broadcast your gameplay.


It is highly essential to keep track of your stats and skills if you want to enhance your gaming skills. If you are a professional gamer and compete with other players regularly, then gathering these details get all the ore necessary. Overwolf helps you do this with ease and convenience. You can perform various other functions while the software keeps running in the background. The software officially supports a wide array of games. You can check the list of these games from the official website of Overwolf.

Game Backup Monitor:

As you keep on upgrading your ranks in specific games by completing several missions, day after day, you need to ensure that these files do not get corrupted. Some of the single-player games do not support cloud backup. In such a case, this software proves to be extremely handy. It is a highly effective software that detects the game you are playing and then saves the files automatically. It also has a system of cloud backup.

Open hardware monitor:

If you are running graphics-intensive games, then they will definitely heat up the components of your PC. Also, the components can get clogged up. Also, your PC may reboot on reaching the thermal’s limits. Open Hardware Monitor helps you in noting down all the thermal diodes present in your system. You can keep a proper check on them.

Now that you know about some of the best gaming software do not forget to download them and use them to notch your game up to the next level.

5 Best Live Streaming Software for Twitch/YouTube/Facebook

Logos of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch

The latest trend that has caught everyone’s attention in social media is live streaming. Users tend to go live while eating out in their favorite eateries, or playing online games like PUBG, or even while visiting a beautiful place. This feature is used for commercial purposes as well.

Bloggers can monetize these broadcasts effectively. Companies can reach out to their target customers by promoting their products while going live. You tubers, too, can reap the benefits of the feature.

If you, too, want to enjoy the feature of live streaming and be a part of the trend, then have a look at the below-given list of top live-streaming apps. We have come up with this list so that can let go off your confusion and simply choose one according to your needs and taste.


This is one of the best live streaming apps for Android users. If you are a gamer and want to show off your skills to the world, then you can opt for this app without a second thought. Also, this app will help you garner lots of praises and followers as you will go live while playing hardcore games with prolific skills.

Twitch enables users to live stream while gaming. It also allows the users to have a chat with the viewers or any other live streamer. This increases the sense of connection. Your fans and followers will feel connected to you. The live videos that you can make using Twitch are worth watching.

You can monetize the broadcasts and earn through them. Slowly, you will be able to build your own personal community using the app. Also, the app allows you to –lay games and get paid on return. It allows you to put together interactive live shows. The navigation system is extremely simple and instinctive.

GO Live

This live streaming app can make you a celebrity overnight. If you have that quality in you, this app will definitely enable you to make a career in broadcasting. It is one of the top-rated live streaming apps for Android users. You will be able to meet new people and share your stories and ideas with them. This app lets you broadcast and live stream very easily and conveniently. You can flaunt your potentials by using the app perfectly.

It lets you connect with people in real-time. You can talk with them, play games and much more. You can send virtual gifts to your favorite streamers too.


This is the live-streaming app owned by Twitter. Live streamers are crazy after this app. This app is meant for Android users. It allows you to find trending topics for live streaming.

As you go live and broadcast your content, you can share the link to other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook using this app. Also, this live streaming app is absolutely free of cost and convenient to use. You can use the web-based interface of Periscope too.

The app allows you to get the highlights of live streaming. You can get detailed statistics of your live viewers, replay viewers, total time watched, and much more insights.

VK Live

This live streaming app is based on the VK app. It is a live streaming app where you can present yourself and your ideas. You can let the world know about yourself. You can showcase your talent.

Be it your culinary skills, or gaming skills, or some kind of art, you can broadcast everything using this amazing live streaming app. If you are a passionate globe trotter, you can use this app and monetize your passion.

It allows several tools that make the communication system all the more attractive.

This app, too, allows you to send gifts to your favorite streamers. You can gain votes in the form of virtual gifts that your followers end to you while you go live. Also, you can watch live streams of your favorite streamers and friends as well.


This is perhaps the best live streaming apps for iOS users. It has a very simple user interface. The app is fun-filled and convenient to use. The app allows you to share the moments of your life on the go. You can share whatever is going around you in real-time.

The live streaming app allows you to monetize the content. Also, you get easy access to worldwide live streaming videos.

You can take ideas from these videos. The sharing of live streaming videos is extremely convenient. Also, you will be notified when any of your friend or favorite live streamer goes live.

This article covers the much-needed details about some of the most popular and useful live-streaming apps. You can download any one of them and start broadcasting whatever content you feel like.

Just make sure that your content is not illegal or does not offend someone’s sentiments. Shoot responsible and make your content knowledgeable as well as entertaining. Soon you will gain popularity if you do it the right way using the right app.